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Welcome to my Peer Mentor blogspot! I'll be a senior at WC this year and I'm from Texas...I play tennis and manage men's basketball and I'll be living in D.C. this summer, more excitement on its way...

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Since I've gotten home, I feel like I've been in a non-stop eat-a-thon. I'm trying to get all my Texan food groups in before I go back up to Maryland...so I've had plenty of real mexican (the stuff up there is fake), barbecue, and huge breakfasts. Now that I feel about 15 pounds heavier, I've discovered my new favorite place in Dallas - the Katy Trail. It runs near downtown and uptown here and it doesn't feel like it's 100 degrees under all the trees and stuff. The best part? There's a Starbucks waiting at the end. Soooo nothing too exciting from me yet but I go to D.C. on Tuesday so things will get better!

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  1. PALMER!!! I just moved in with my Bro today, can't wait to hit up DC with you soon!!!